Main Products
Oil & Fat Machinery
   Oil press
   Oil filter
   Accessorial machines
   Complete Oil equipment
   Extraction equipment
   Oil refinery equipment
   By-product equipment
Bio-fuel Machinery
   Wood pelletizer
   Briquette press
   Wood crusher
   Pellet cooler
   Packing Machine
Building Materials Machinery
   Clay Brick Machine
   Non-burning Brick Machine
   Vacuum Brick Machine
   Floor Brick Machine
   Matched Machines
Rice Mill
   Single Machine
   Complete Line
Snack/Animal Food Machinery
   Animal food extruder
   Snack extruder
   Roaster machine
   Cashew nut processing line
Power Machinery
Spare Parts

New website formally launched 12/6/2007
The clerks from our branch company in Africa ... 12/6/2007
Welcome new worldwide friends... 12/6/2007
Clients visited the flour mill factory 12/6/2007
Clients visit wood charcoal machine factory 12/6/2007
Oil press assemble trial operation workshop 12/6/2007
Test the wood pelletizer for clients 8/29/2012
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