6YL-80, 6YL-100 Screw...
Used to get the edible oil from vegetable oilseeds and plant. Suitable for extracting different vegetable oil-materials, such as rapeseeds, peanut, soybean, sesameseeds, cottonseed, coconut, palm, olive, etc.
The machine is with hight output oil rate, energy-saving, lower noise, etc. It's the product-spreading of the Agriculture Dept. And China patent product.
The Data for Model 6YL-100
Dimensions(mm): 1700 x 670 x 1320
Productivity: 200kg/h for oilseeds;
Power(Kw): 7. 5
              Or 15Hp Diesel engine
Weight 480kg.
Residued oil of cake: < 6%.
The Data for Model 6YL-80
Dimensions(mm): 1320 x 540 x 1020
Productivity: 100kg/h for oilseeds;
Power(Kw): 5. 5 
               Or 12Hp Diesel engine
Weight 330kg.
Residued oil of cake: < 6%.