ZX-105,6YL-120Screw Oil Press

                                              ZX-105   Screw Oil Press
                                              6YL-120  Screw Oil Press
Suitable for extracting vegetable oil from different oil-materials, such as peanuts, rapeseeds, sesame seeds, soybeans, cottonseeds, tea seeds, tung tree seeds, sunflower seeds, palm seeds, olive, coconut meat, corn pummels, etc.
  • ZX-105 Oil Press
Dimensions(mm): 1650 x 630x 1260
Productivity: 200-250kg/h for oilseeds
Power: 11Kw /18Hp Diesel engine
Weight: 680kg.
Residued oil of the final cake < 6%.
  • 6YL-120 Oil Press
Dimensions(mm): 1650 x 670x 1290
Productivity: 250-300kg/h for oilseeds
Power: 11-15Kw /20Hp Diesel engine
Weight: 720kg.
Residued oil of the final cake < 6%.